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Why You Should Consider Being a Conservative – Conservative News

Why You Should Consider Being a Conservative

Joe Machi Conservative

A lot of people who are really staunchly conservative believe that Joe Mafi is a closet liberal and not conservative enough. They say he’s a social liberal, and they call him a communist, even though he is an independent conservative. And when I say “liberal,” I don’t mean all the liberal things that they say, like abortion, gay marriage, etc. I’m saying Joe Mafi is a conservative. But how does he really stand on these issues?

Let me start with abortion. He said that unborn babies are people. Wow. That’s a really big statement. And yet, his beliefs are totally contradictory to that. In other words, pro-life, he is pro-choice.

Then there is gay marriage. He said that he opposes it, and that he believes it is wrong. Again, contradictory. Yet again, he believes that he is a consistent and firm pro-gay marriage person, but he is also opposed to abortion. So, how does he do it?

Well, he talks about it, and he talks about it in interviews. And he does come off as a guy who is unbothered by these things. But then there are the things he says. He seems to be a bigger supporter of kicking people out of work because they’re gay, rather than supporting the freedom for them to marry someone of the same sex.

Okay, so, how does this square with being a conservative? I guess, in the end, it doesn’t, because he isn’t really a conservative at all. He is more of a social conservative, or cultural conservative, than a political conservative. He doesn’t really see things in black and white. He just seems to use his feelings to make his decisions, and that’s not really a conservative at all.

A moderate is one who are afraid to say what he thinks, and who won’t take a stance unless it is completely right. They won’t take a position until they have all the facts, and they only believe in things that are entirely true. A conservative is the exact opposite of that. He is always 100% right, and he is never wrong.

When he discusses marriage rights, he says that it is not about the law, it is about “rights,” and that the government should not get involved in it. He also says that it should be between a man and a woman. When pressed, he will only say that it is his personal opinion, and he shouldn’t be held in jail for it.

So, what is Joe Maboro all about? He claims to be a conservative, but it isn’t really one. He is nothing more than a cultural warrior. And he is a pathetic, laughable human being, whose opinion should never be allowed in polite society. Please, think on this.

All the other social conservative types are the same; they are nice, polite, agree with everyone on every topic under the sun, and say mean, politically correct things when asked about their political views. They don’t stand up for themselves. So, why should anyone listen to a conservative?

I can tell you who the real conservative is. It’s George W. bush. He wasn’t a conservative because he was afraid to say what needed to be said. He was a conservative because he stood up for himself and believed in his fellow man. He didn’t care about anyone else, or what they thought, he just wanted to make America better.

George W. bush never took BS from anyone. If someone was trying to BS him, he either told them so, or pointed out the hypocrisy of their argument. No lying and no deflecting. He simply said, “Fell on you!” And that is how you become a conservative.

The beauty of Conservatism is the fact that it has been around for ages. This is not a movement, it’s a way of life. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for people who have been boots-itchy and sore in the toe since Monday morning. For people who believe in America and in their fellow man, and who want to live their lives by the rule of law, and not by whimsy, this is the conservative movement for you.