Does Emily W. Wilson Deserve to Be Called a Conservative Columnist?

emily wilson conservative commentator

Conservative commentator, Emily Wilson has become the go to conservative girl this election season. Her name is all over the media and she is being considered as a leading candidate for the governorship in Virginia. Not surprising, as she has been a commentator for Fox News as well as CNN. She is also a guest commentator on several radio talk shows. She also writes often in the Wall Street Journal.

While she is still relatively new to the world of conservative politics, she already has some notable achievements. She was part of the team that developed an online video site for Fox News. She also served as communications director for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. All these positions put her in high demand right now.

She has always been highly respected by her fellow conservative commentators at work. As a result, she knows what she is talking about and it is obvious why she would be considered a top contender for the Virginia governorship. But it is not just that she has a vast knowledge of all things conservative. It is also clear that she cares deeply about the issues and has strong opinions as well.

What does a conservative commentator have to offer a campaign? A lot, actually. But first, she needs to define what she means by being a conservative. Is she one who believes in smaller government with less freedom and relying more on a strong military? Does she believe in limited government with strong defense? Or does she believe in laissez faire and a strong national defense.

As a conservative myself, I can say that she has every right to lean how she wants to. After all, that is her job as a conservative commentator. She is free to express all her thoughts on the issues. But as a potential future governor, she might want to rethink some of her views on the role of government. That would be a good place to start for any potential future conservative running for office.

But she is not alone in her stance. Many prominent people in the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement lean toward a strong national defense and less government intervention in our lives. In fact, they often say that government shouldn’t get involved in our personal lives. Sometimes that line of thinking gets a little out of hand. In other words, “let the free market fix everything.” Unfortunately, in some circumstances that might be true.

But in the case of the New York Times editorial board, the editorial board sided with the author. And that makes sense to me. There is so much diversity in the way we live our lives and in the ideas we hold. A pure conservative commentator could indeed have a hard time writing from the perspective of a diverse group of people.

So, thank you, Ms. Wilson. We’ll miss you as a conservative commentator on the NY Times. See you on the stage of the Capital Weather Gang next week in DC. I hope you enjoy your new book and think on this.

But back to your point about Ms. Wilson, in her book, “The Conservative Voice,” she says; “You cannot create a right wing media for corporate America by creating a right wing Lifestyle for middle class America.” That’s great insight. I completely agree. That’s a great point and I agree with it. The media has a very powerful influence on our culture, and how we view the world around us. That is why we need lots of different voices, not just one.

For instance, I’m an Aquarian, so I don’t see eye-to-eye with the Aquarians on environmental issues. Some of the other conservative commentators on the Daily Show and Talk Radio Network, I find to be pretty moderate in their political views overall. Some are even socially liberal but not extreme in any way. You can find many of them on Facebook and Twitter, and I encourage you to check them out, too.

A conservative commentator like Laura Ingraham, who is a talk show host, is also a social conservative. So that tells you something about her demographic, too. What about Michael Chertof? He is a contributor to the Conservative Report. So, he is moderate, at least in my view, although I don’t know anything about his inner-left political convictions.

If you take the time to do your research, you will learn that the overwhelming majority of Americans are socially liberal on most all issues, except immigration. And, of course, economic issues, which should be a part of every political debate, come to the top of the list, too. So, I recommend you look around and ask people who are actually living in the United States, rather than “fake America” pundits, about what they think.