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Liberalism Is Not Conservatism – And That’s the Difference! – Conservative News

Liberalism Is Not Conservatism – And That’s the Difference!

Conservative commentator, Emily Wilson has been a strong critic of President Obama and his administration on the Fox News Channel. She is not a fan of the current president, he has referred to him as “lie after lie” and compared him with former president George W. Bush. He is an economic conservative who favors supply side policies, particularly higher tax rates on the wealthy and term limits for Congress.

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When President Obama jumped into Air Force One to travel around the world in search of trade deals, he was welcomed by the Indian government. On her show, Ms. Wilson said; “I guess the First Lady really believed that she was doing some good for American interests in India.” This is nonsense, a former Labor Secretary said that the US was trading one for the other and that it was just another example of the Democrats selling us their sold out socialist agenda. The economic analyst went on to say; “I mean, if the Indians think they’re so great, why would we sell them anything? I thought that President Obama was just talking about building American economy.”

Apparently, Ms. Wilson does not understand the difference between a former Labor secretary and a conservative commentator. Further, she cannot stand the President’s Administration, calling it a “shocking attack” on free enterprise. She also criticized the way the President has chosen to travel around the world. She said that he should stick to his original agenda of bringing jobs back to the United States, instead of going all over the world promoting global free-market capitalism.

Yet, it is not entirely correct to say that President Obama is a conservative commentator, because he isn’t. He doesn’t really believe in capitalism, free-market capitalism, but the economic destruction of America and the rest of the World. His father was an entrepreneur, and he moved the family to Chicago to start a business. However, President Obama has tried to distance himself from his father’s legacy on the campaign trail and has said that he believes in “a more moderate” type of capitalism – something he calls “inverted pyramid” – that is not the capitalism described by his father.

This difference has become an obsession with Ms. Wilson, who makes a living attacking President Obama on her blog. Recently, she has been comparing the current health care plan put forward by the President to the Hitler Youth. That is pretty far-fetched. Further, I have some concern that Ms. Wilson is simply anti-American and bitter over the loss of the President’s job.

As a conservative commentator, I do not find anything wrong with being a little bit critical of our President. Indeed, I hope that President Obama will one day be judged on his performance, which has been so far, on the positive side. Sadly, I do see what Ms. Wilson is saying and this is very unfortunate and disappointing. President Obama is a good man, not a perfect man, and there are things that he can improve upon if he were only to take a little time to hone his abilities.

But, the problem is that President Obama would never be able to do that as long as he has the same liberal media backing him. Ms. Wilson’s comments reflect a perspective that has been shared by countless conservative commentators over the years, as we’ve learned that socialism doesn’t work. The reality is that people just don’t support huge government programs, especially those that are social welfare schemes. These schemes just don’t attract people. The rich are getting richer, not poorer.

So, thank you very much for your comments on my blog, but I am not going to go back on what I’ve written here. I encourage you to study further conservative articles, books, and videos on the topic if you want to. But, for the moment, I wish you well, and I will continue to speak out against big government, welfare, and the redistributionist state. You can also visit my main website, which has lots of information on my book, and how you can help me make my conservative dream come true. Please consider all this.