Learning About Your Medical Care Options

Personal Choices

When it comes to health, many individuals are faced with a number of choices that have significant personal impact. These choices often center around making health decisions in ways that are compatible with the beliefs and values held by an individual. The health professionals who assist individuals with these choices are referred to as healthcare professionals.

There are a number of choices that individuals face in terms of their personal choices. For example, they may choose to adopt a vegan diet or participate in a religious or spiritual practice. They may also choose to change their medical treatment procedures, or even to change the type of healthcare professional that they work with. As part of their decision making process, many individuals are likely to ask students to look at these various alternatives.

One example of a personal choices related to healthcare involves how an individual chooses to lead their lives. Some vegetarians choose not to eat meat. Some vegans refrain from eating dairy products. And, in some cases, individuals choose to participate in a social structure that does not include any particular belief system. In each of these situations, their perspectives about their social structure and their individual choices will have a significant bearing on how they make healthcare decisions.

Another example of how people make decisions about healthcare is related to gender. Some people may be comfortable with the idea of gender selection. On the other hand, others are not comfortable with the idea. When the decision to have a child is based on social class, other factors must be considered, including the potential risks to the mother’s health, the potential risks to the baby’s health and the risks to the community in which the pregnancy occurs.

It is not uncommon for individuals to make choices about healthcare based upon beliefs about their sexual orientation. Sometimes people choose to have an abortion. Other times people choose to postpone having a child out of concern for the health of the baby. Religious beliefs often play a role in decisions about life and death. All of these choices are impacted by the individuals’ beliefs about the relationship between gender and sexual orientation and their religious beliefs about the sanctity of human life.

People also make decisions about their healthcare based upon their opinions about certain medical treatments and procedures. For instance, some people may choose to discontinue medical treatment because of concerns about the side effects of a particular treatment. These individuals may choose to abstain from sex rather than undergo certain medical procedures. These decisions sometimes impact their long-term physical and mental health.

One of the reasons why students choose one perspective over another is because that perspective is the one that they have experienced firsthand. In order to understand another perspective, it may be necessary for students to experience that perspective themselves. This is why it can be helpful for healthcare professionals to encourage their patients to discuss their healthcare with their doctors. This is why students may choose to take part in research studies; they can gain firsthand experience with a particular healthcare process or procedure. They can also gain an understanding of what others are experiencing with that same procedure. Students can ask questions about their doctor’s choices for care, or they can research the topic themselves.

Students can also use the online forum known as AL HCASnet to connect with Alabama healthcare providers. This forum is specifically designed to help students find a local health care provider that understands the needs of individuals with varying medical conditions. The forum is moderated to help ensure that all posts are relevant and provide fair and balanced discussions. This forum has helped students in Alabama understand their options regarding medical care and how to find local health care providers who can help them with their health care needs.